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Open, Honest Counsel For Nearly 40 Years

If you are like many people, the first time you have contact with the legal system is when you face a family law dispute. Adding an unfamiliar legal process on top of powerful emotions can make the situation stressful and very difficult, but you do not have to deal with it on your own. With the guidance of a skilled, understanding attorney, you can transition as smoothly as possible into the next phase of your life, whether you have children at home or not.

I am Shelley A. Gordon, and I have more than 39 years of legal experience, with over 23 of those years devoted to California family law issues. I have experience working with both traditional and nontraditional families and with men and women. Some couples have had long relationships, and some brief ones. I serve clients in Alameda County (Oakland, Hayward, Fremont, Berkeley, San Leandro) as well as cities in Contra Costa County, and I do so while applying a few simple principles to every case:

  • That open, honest communication between me and you is the key to a successful outcome
  • That the interests of children are of paramount importance in any family law dispute
  • That courtroom litigation may sometimes be necessary, but methods like mediation and negotiation give clients control, leading to more satisfying outcomes
  • That long-lasting resolutions are preferable to making you return to court repeatedly

To arrange a consultation with an experienced Oakland family law lawyer, please call me at 510-213-6672 or toll free 866-409-6217.

Finding the Closure Your Family Deserves

Family law issues can quickly become heated and time-consuming affairs, keeping your family from finding the peace you require to move on with your lives. In my experience, children whose parents have divorced do remarkably better when parents remain cordial. My collaborative and cooperative approach is designed to get your family through the trying time as quickly and in as respectful a manner as possible. When required, I am an aggressive, fair advocate in the courtroom.

My approach to family law issues such as divorce and property division, child custody and spousal support has led to positive outcomes to even the most highly contested issues.

Contact an Alameda County Divorce Attorney

If you are involved in a divorce, a custody dispute or if you have any other family law concern, I am ready to provide you with calm, knowledgeable guidance. Please call my office at 510-213-6672 or toll free 866-409-6217. You can also contact my law firm online.

I offer a free 10 minute phone consultation to discuss your preliminary concerns or answer a brief question. If you are interested in a more in-depth meeting to discuss specific issues and obtain advice, I offer an affordable flat fee initial office consultation for $200. Should you choose to retain me, that fee is applied toward the retainer.