Law Office of
Shelley A. Gordon
Family Law Representation In Alameda County, California
Law Office of Shelley A. Gordon
Family Law Representation In Alameda County, California

Oakland Divorce Lawyer

Knowledgeable and Experienced Representation Throughout Challenging Divorce Proceedings

Protecting your best interests throughout a divorce can be challenging. With so many issues to be addressed, including the division of marital property, child custody issues, child support issues and alimony or spousal support, the assistance of an experienced family law attorney is invaluable throughout divorce proceedings.

At my firm, the Law Office of Shelley A. Gordon, I leverage more than 23 years of family law experience to provide dedicated and knowledgeable divorce representation to clients in Oakland, California and throughout Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. Tailoring my services directly to your unique needs, I strive to provide efficient and favorable resolutions to even the most challenging and emotionally heated divorce issues.

Contact my office online or call 510-213-6672 or toll free 866-409-6217 to schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns.

Helping You Move Forward

I have assisted countless clients in addressing all aspects of their divorces, including the division of marital property or assets gained during the life of the marriage, child custody and support issues, support and modification concerns and mediation and arbitration processes.

In the division of marital property, my goal is to arrive at a property agreement that is fair and reasonable. I have the knowledge and experience needed to provide creative solutions to difficult division issues.

The Assistance You Need to Gain Closure

Because many factors need to be considered when considering filing for divorce, including timing, the location and separation date, it is vital to get knowledgeable advice quickly. Contact my office to schedule a consultation today.

I offer a free 10 minute phone consultation to discuss your preliminary concerns or answer a brief question. If you are interested in a more in-depth meeting to discuss specific issues and obtain advice, I offer an affordable flat fee initial office consultation for $200. Should you choose to retain me, that fee is applied toward the retainer.