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Premarital Agreements

Premarital agreements (also called prenuptial agreements or prenups) are agreements entered into prior to marriage, which can alter community property rules during marriage. Where one or both partners have significant assets or debts going into the marriage or domestic partnership, it is very important to consider whether this planning tool will help maintain the desired separation of your finances. Often, when people marry again later in life, the couple’s children from prior relationships also have serious concerns regarding their parent’s finances and obligations as a result of the new marriage. A premarital agreement will be very helpful in such a situation.

Marital Agreements

Even in intact relationships, financial problems can arise with one party that, without an agreement to the contrary, may have serious consequences to the other spouse. Couples can enter into agreements even during marriage to alter the community property laws as they apply to their particular situation and avoid certain debts and creditors of the other spouse. A marital agreement can assist in helping you keep your relationship while separating your finances.

Planning Ahead Avoids Problems Later On

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