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Law Office of Shelley A. Gordon
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Providing Knowledgeable Support And Modification Guidance For Over Two Decades

Determining the amount of child support a parent will pay after a divorce can swiftly become emotionally heated. Factors considered include the income of each party, time spent with the children and the quality of lifestyle the children enjoyed before the divorce. The assistance of an experienced lawyer is vital to receiving the settlement you deserve.

From my firm, the Law Office of Shelley A. Gordon, I leverage more than 25 years of family law experience and over 40 years of legal experience to provide assistance in the initial determination of support amounts as well as child support modification consultations following major life changes, including loss of employment or relocation. I have guided countless clients in Oakland and throughout Northern California to efficient resolutions, allowing them to move on with their lives after a divorce or major change.

Comprehensive And Knowledgeable Guidance Through Support Issues

My years of practice have taught me that crafting an agreement that is workable for everyone is going to be the best solution. Tailoring these strategies directly to your unique needs.

Let Me Assist You

To schedule a consultation today and to discuss your specific child support modification or determination issues, contact my office online or call 510-213-6672 or toll-free at 866-409-6217.

The Law Office of Shelley A. Gordon offers a free 10-minute phone consultation to discuss your preliminary concerns or answer a brief question. If you are interested in a more in-depth meeting to discuss specific issues and obtain advice, I offer an affordable flat fee initial office consultation for $200.